Carlos García Santas

Carlos studied at the Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), he taught at its Institute of Political Law, he was a member of the Executive Commissions of the University Communication Institute and of the University´s Cultural Association of Law. He represented Argentina at the 1st World University Congress; he was a administrator of the University of Litoral Union Federation, participated in the foundation of the National University of the South and is a thesis supervisor of the Master of Human Resources of the UBA. He chose to drop out of Law at the end of 1955 to study Industrial Relations at the Argentinian Foundation for Business Higher Studies, which became the Argentinian University of Business (UADE) in 1963.

Throughout his extensive career, he was the Human Resources Manager of the Steel Plant in San Nicholas of todays´ Ternium Siderar of the Techint Group; the Human Resources and Organization Manager position of Crush, with 34 bottling plants for soft drinks and 3 for beer; the Human Resources and Public Relations Manager role of Merck Sharp & Dhome and the Direction of Human Resources of Massalin Particulares, a subsidiary of Philip Morris International, which held 8% of the market and reached up to 48% in 1981 under his direction. He completed his career in the line of business as the General Manager of the SIAM Group of Companies, the largest industrial conglomerate in Latin America at the time.

Carlos founded GARCIA SANTAS in 1980, a Human Resources organization, which is a global reference of the Human Resources executive recruitment market. He was a founding partner of PORTALRH and was a member of the Board of Directors of various companies and corporations and of Management Committees in educational, political, social and sports institutions. Carlos also provides counseling to public and private institutions, both in Argentina and abroad and has extensive experience in sales and mergers of large companies.



Lucila Sara Arditi

Lucila graduated in Journalism and later in Communication Sciences at UADE. She later obtained a master’s degree in Human Rights from the Central European University (CEU) in Hungary.

The grades obtained during her studies and her social commitment allowed her to get full scholarship from CEU and another one from its Alumni Chapter for her MA, and an additional one from the University of Debrecen to carry out an Intensive Course of Culture and Hungarian language.

She worked in countries such as Argentina, Israel, the United States, New Zealand and India, where her social and legal activities stand out, such as her service as a voluntary social worker at the Congregation of Mother Teresa of Calcutta in Calcutta (India) and as a school support teacher in Villa 1-11-14 in the City of Buenos Aires.

Used to work in multicultural environments, she was the Coordinator for the Refugee Status Determination team at the African Refugee Development Center (ARDC) in Tel Aviv (Israel). She has worked with Tibetan refugees in Mc Leod Ganj (India) and upon return to Argentina, joined the National Commission for Refugees at the Ministry of Interior (Co.Na.Re) as Refugee Status Determination Officer.

He joined Garcia Santas in 2016 where he coordinates activities related to the search, localization, preliminary contact and introductory job interview with executive staff located around the world. She is also in charge of organizing meetings and transfers, contact with clients and outsourced services, publications, the press and social networks.